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Get to know the Organization for Social Media Safety team and why we're passionate about making social media safe for everyone.

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We work with schools, government agencies, businesses, and parents across the country to make social media safer for families.


Americans are on social media for hours a day. Educate yourself on the dangers lurking within.

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See how you can help us protect against social media-related dangers like cyberbullying, hate speech, human trafficking, and propaganda.

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The Organization for Social Media Safety was born out of tragedy. Today, we fight every day to protect families from the dangers linked to social media.

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Social Media Safety Presentations

Our social media safety presentations teach students and parents how to stay safe from social media-related dangers -- like cyberbullying, social media addiction, sexual harassment, violence, and hate speech.

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Free Super Course for Parents

Introducing the Buckling the Social Media Seatbelt SuperCourse -- an innovative, new course for parents with children on or just getting onto social media. Parents will learn our exclusive, effective system for keeping their child safe on social media.

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